Inviting Your Boss to Dinner: Good or Bad Idea?

Would you be ready to welcome your boss to your home for dinner? Some are used to it, others don’t really envision the situation. When is it a good idea to invite your boss ? If you decide to take the plunge, how to organize and welcome it?

Inviting your boss to dinner is a good idea

To assume

If you invite your boss over for dinner, your coworkers will surely know. So make sure you take it on. It is not necessary to give details about your evening.

Little time in the kitchen

The purpose of the evening is not to stay in the kitchen, but to have a good time with your boss (and possibly his family). If you don’t have anyone to help you, plan a meal that cooks quickly and easily. If you are accompanied, you can take turns so that everyone can enjoy the dinner.


Insofar as you need a professional and discreet chat, the invitation to dinner is justified.

Obtain informations

In a personal and relaxed setting, it is easier to make confidences, those that we would not do in the middle of the day in the offices. A dinner can be an opportunity to get useful information about the company and for your career.

Better not to invite your boss to dinner

Good professional relations

According to a 2012 CSA poll, 71% of French people think that it is possible to get along well with their boss without necessarily making friends. Just because the professional relationship with your chef is good, doesn’t mean you have to befriend him and invite him to dinner.

Weak agreement

If you hate, dislike, or dislike your boss, there’s no point in inviting them. It wouldn’t be sincere at all and you wouldn’t have anything to talk about.


If you invite your boss over for dinner and it is known at work, you risk getting the reputation of fayot, even if it was not your intention. If you have organized this party solely for the purpose of earning points, be aware that there are other ways to do it.

No common interests

A dinner often lasts several hours. Do you have common interests? Do you have enough to be able to chat all this time? Having a meal with one or more people without having a conversation is rather embarrassing. If, on the contrary, you have several points in common, that you practice the same activities for example: dinner can be a good idea.

Dependent children

If your children are old enough that they know how to sit at the table and look after themselves: no worries. If they still need to ask you often, are rowdy, or might wake up frequently, you would be with them more often than with your guests. This is not the goal. Having them looked after by a relative or a babysitter is recommended.

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