How Do You Correctly Ask For a Salary Increase?

A good working atmosphere, an interest in the tasks to be performed and the working conditions are criteria that contribute to well-being. Salary is also a criterion to take into account. Most often, its increase is requested by the employee, it is rarely the employer who grants it himself. In which cases and when can an increase be requested? How to best prepare your request?

In which cases is the request for an increase justified?

Is your request for an increase justified? Do you think you deserve this increase? The request must be honest and reasonable. Here are some arguments that may justify a salary increase:

  • Exceeding annual targets
  • Bringing new customers to the company
  • Effective Ways Found To Reduce Expenses
  • Satisfied and more loyal customers thanks to your work
  • Solving problems that have gone unresolved for a long time
  • Risk taking, useful initiatives for the company
  • Idea that helped improve the functioning of your service / business
  • New responsibilities
  • Organization of an event that fostered team spirit
  • Salary below the industry average
  • New job in the company
  • New skills acquired beneficial to the service / company
  • You are a support for your manager
  • Involvement for the company
  • Work overload
  • Effective awareness of colleagues about certain issues (security for example)

When to ask for a raise?

The increase policy is not the same for all companies. It is therefore necessary to make sure to inquire about it. The request for a salary increase can be made at different times:

  • From one year of seniority preferably
  • During his individual interview
  • During an interview requested by the employee
  • On the occasion of a new job
  • When accepting new responsibilities
  • After qualifying vocational training

What should I avoid?

When making a request for a salary increase, it is best not to:

    • Blackmail (ex: if I do not have a raise I leave the company, I will find better elsewhere)
    • Compare yourself to others
    • Negotiate while being negative
    • Donate an amount without authorizing negotiation
    • Highlight your personal problems
    • Apply in case of conflict
    • Ask for a raise without having an argument
  • Request an immediate response

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